Welcome to Ruutisavu

Indoor handgun shooting ranges in Vantaa and in Tampere

Explore shooting safely at Ruutisavu


Welcome to our indoor handgun shooting ranges in Vantaa (Kiitoradantie 6) and in Tampere (Etu-Hankkionkatu 11). We have 25-meter-long ranges with wide shooting places.

You can come and explore shooting safely  even if you have never shot before. If you do not have a weapon of your own you can hire a weapon from us and we also sell cartridges.

Welcome to test the ranges.


Booking info


  • Call Mon – Thu from 10 am to 15 am
  • Bookings no later than the previous day – if you have to cancel, do it as soon as possible
  • We answer your messages within 24 hours (Mon – Fri)

Range shifts and info


  • Range shifts last 50 minutes.
  • The schedule for range shifts is:
    • Tuesday – Friday 15:30, 16:30, 17:30, 19:00, 20:00
    • Saturday – Sunday 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 17:00, 18:00
      • No supervised shifts in Tampere on Sundays
  • Members with own guns also: Tuesday – Friday 10 – 15 o’clock
  • Remember to take your ID card with you – we´ll keep it for you during shooting
  • If you use your own gun please remember to take the firearms license with you. We reserve the right to check the license before shooting.
  • Please note that it is possible to book regular shifts for societies, companies etc.
  • Persons under 18 years old only with guardian’s permission
  • You can pay with Edenred coupons, Edenred card, ePassi, Smartum coupons and Smartum card.
Range fee 50 minutes (includes target).35€19€
Gun rent22€14€
10 times card / range270€120€
10 times card / range + target290€135€
10 times card / range + target + gun460€210€
5 times card / range140€65€
5 times card / range + target150€75€
5 times card / range + target + gun240€120€
(Sellier Bellot Non Toxic)
.22 S&B (50 pcs)12€11€
9 mm (50pcs) 26€24€
.38special 41€38€
.357 magnum 47,50€45€
.44mag 50€47,50€
Other cartridges also available
Membership fee - (bullet payment)20€
Annual fee 12 months90€

Ruutisavu Vantaa

Kiitoradantie 6

When you arrive at the range from Kiitoradantie 6 please park outside the gate on the right hand side from Ruutisavu sign.

Ruutisavu Tampere

Etu-Hankkionkatu 11
33700 Tampere

Shooting at Ruutisavu for the first time


The first shooting with .22 caliber pistol / 50 minutes


  • guidance, start training and insurance
  • gun rent, cartridge and targets
  • earmuff and protective glasses
  • safety control at the range


Organize your event at Ruutisavu

We also rent a great venue and sauna for all kinds of events. Organize an event with shooting and sauna. You can bring food and drinks with you or ask us for a catering service both in Vantaa and Tampere. You can also book the sauna separately.


  • Price for sauna 90€/hour (minimum fee 180€) including towels and basic cleaning
  • Ask for an offer for your event at Ruutisavu (minimum fee 400€)
  • The duration of the event depends on how many participants are coming and which alternative you choose.
  • It is possible to get the guidance in Finnish and in English.
  • During private event the whole range and the trainer are available for your group only.
  • It is possible to arrange extra catering if needed.

Contact us and book your event!

Private event alternatives – ready made packages

Package one 115€ / person
  • rare opportunity to test wide range of different hand guns all at once
  • .22LR, 9 mm pistols
  • revolvers: Smith & Wesson .22 LR, .38spl, .357 mag and .44 mag
Package two 95€ / person
  • .22 LR Ruger MKII/MKIII pistols
  • 9mm pistols for example Glock 17, H&K P30, CZ P-09, CZ 75B, CZ Shadow 1 & 2 (available guns may vary)
Package three 75€ / person
  • .22 LR Ruger MKII/MKII pistols
Micro Roni 85€ / person (only in Vantaa)
  • warm-up with .22 LR
  • testing rounds with 9 mm Glock 17
  • last rounds with Micro Roni Glock 17 with magazine which includes 10 cartridges

The packages include


  • Range fee (whole area with lounge)
  • Gun rent, cartridge and targets
  • Earmuff and protective glasses
  • Guidance, start training and insurance
  • Safety control at the track
  • Refreshment and snacks
  • Value added tax